APRIL 9-22, 2015.

Tour Registration Deadline: February 20, 2015 Final Tour Payment Deadline: March 6, 2015.

Brilliantly colorful, compelling architecturally, important historically, the Imperial Kingdom of Morocco has long been one of the world's most extolled, exotic travel destinations… for painters, writers, adventurers and photographers. Today, it a prime destinations for many of the world's most discriminating world travelers, many of whom have a second or third home in Marrakesh. Flip through any style magazine, including World of Interiors, House Beautiful, Maisons et Jardins, Elle Décor, and there is bound to be a photo shoot of a restored l8th century palace in Morocco owned and restored by someone well known. Yves Saint Laurent was the first great "expat" to live there.

Authors of Living in Morocco: Design from Casablanca to Marrakesh (Clarkson N. Potter, NYC / Thames & Hudson. London), we believe our leisurely 12-day tour is a unique travel opportunity. Staying in top hotels, dining in 4-star restaurants, and journeying unlike many tours deep into the sultry south, you will 'see" Morocco through discriminating, season eyes. Having led tours to The Imperial Kingdom for the last 20-years, we really know - and welcome the chance to share - the best of the best in this remarkable destination. October, incidentally, is a glorious month for travel in Morocco: days in the 70's, nights in the 50's. For you to follow in our footsteps is a chance to visit a welcoming, Western-oriented Islamic nation--one with a historic, little known, and strong American friendship connection. With its centuries-old layers of Mediterranean civilizations beginning with ancient Greek traders up to present day rug weaving, blue-eyed, blond-haired Berbers, Morocco was the first nation to send congratulations to President George Washington after the American independence. The Sultan's letter is in the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

Today, Morocco is a dazzling cornucopia of ancient adobe architecture, breathtaking scenery, and mysterious sounds. Probably the most haunting is the eerie, six-times a day wail of muezzins calling the faithful to prayer from the top of ramrod--pencil thin minarets. The experience is to hear a symphony of magic, melody and mystery not to be forgotten.

Visiting Morocco's four Imperial Cities: Rabat, Meknes, Fez and Marrakesh, as well as ancient kasbahs and emerald green oases along the Route of the Kasbahs, and dazzlingly white Essaouira, the ancient Portuguese fort of Mogador on the Atlantic, you will learn… there is one important thing to keep in mind. When you sidestep your way through the centuries-old lanes in a medieval souk, or market, you must remember to pay attention when you hear "balek, balek." Mule drivers mean it when they yell, "Get out of the way!"

Your eyes however will be the sense most aroused by Morocco's endless visual opportunities. Veiled women walking on white sand beaches, snow capped High Atlas mountains rising over a lush garden of bougainvillea and palm trees, hidden valleys bursting with red poppies beneath trees bent low with oranges, lemons, and limes. There is a sight to be recorded by photographers in every direction. Morocco is truly a photo paradise.

A professional photographer, Lisl will be available throughout the tour to conduct on-location insights and photo demonstrations, both group and private, and lead on-site photography discussions…and at cocktail hour, too! However, please know that the tour is not for photographers only. The fact is, we warmly welcome non-photographers… of whom we get many. Inevitably, "observers" report with enthusiasm that they loved the opportunity to expand their vision and to share in the tour's aesthetic enthusiasm.

Finally, we want to point out - again - that we have opted for our tour to be l4-days in order that participants may linger longer to see more of the Imperial Kingdom. Because we stay in great hotels, dine in outstanding, world-renowned restaurants and visit off-the-beaten-track locations, our Morocco tour is an exceptional, truly high-end, memorable adventure. So much so in fact, several tour participants have taken our Morocco tour several times.

We end by saying, We sincerely hope you will join us in Morocco, one of the world's truly outstanding travel destinations. Please pass this Morocco tour information along to family and friends. You can do so by clicking….here. This pass-along will help to assure our tour's departure. So many thanks.

Best Wishes,
Lisl & Landt Dennis

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